Everything You Need to Know About Makeup Artist’s Choice

Makeup Artist’s Choice carries a full line of professional skin care products, and the company is well-known for their chemical peels. This powerful product is designed for at-home use and can reduce brown spots and acne scars on your face. Below, we’ll take a look at this innovative brand.

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What to Know
Makeup Artist’s Choice, commonly referred to as MUAC, has been offering skincare products online for 20 years. Founded in 1997 by licensed esthetician and professional makeup artist Kathleen Dean, the company strives to provide customers with powerful skincare products they can use at home. Smooth, healthy skin provides the best foundation for makeup application, and MUAC wants to help you achieve that.

What You’ll Love
MUAC sells their product line not only to individuals but also to professional spas and doctors’ offices. This means that you can buy the same items that skincare pros order for their patients and clients.

The company’s entire website has been certified by Leaping Bunny. This signifies that the products they sell are not tested on or cruel to animals during any point of the manufacturing process.

One of the newest additions to the MUAC line is BellEvolve, a series of luxury cosmetics and skin care products that are available at affordable prices. The BellEvolve line includes mineral foundations, retinol lotion, rosacea cream and more.

Where to Buy
Makeup Artist’s Choice products are available directly from the company’s website, and you can purchase both full- and sample-size items. Their website doesn’t feature only MUAC exclusives; it’s also a good place to buy other high-quality cosmetic brands like Kryolan Dermacolor camouflaging makeup.

MUAC also operates a small Amazon storefront. You can buy just a handful of popular products directly from the company through this portal.

You may also be lucky enough to find MUAC products in your local area. Some medical professionals and skin care experts carry products from the brand in their offices.

Which Products to Try
The star of the Makeup Artist’s Choice line is their facial peels. One to try is the 40% Lactic Acid Peel, $18.75, which uses chemical exfoliation to renew your skin.
Makeup Artist’s Choice 40% Lactic Acid Peel
Makeup Artist’s Choice 40% Lactic Acid Peel

It’s recommended for people with acne-prone, hyperpigmented and aging skin. From there, you can move up to the 55% Lactic Acid Home Chemical Peel Kit, $20.75.
Makeup Artist’s Choice 55% Lactic Acid Peel
Makeup Artist’s Choice 55% Lactic Acid Peel

One reviewer claims that by following a Lactic Acid Peel regimen, her «… scars have significantly diminished.»

Another popular item is the Mandelic Acid Serum, $8. MUAC’s peels contain high concentrations of this acid, but the low 10-percent formula in the serum will enable you to use this product every day or every other day. Alpha hydroxy acid is often recommended for people who have darker skin tones because it won’t cause pigment to fade or lighten. One user gushes, «This acid from the bitter almond is amazing, and if you have acne, skin discoloration or ethnic skin, it’s wonderful.»

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